July 4th drive in the Malibu Mountains

Kim and I headed out to Malibu today to join the Vintage Motoring folks for a non-sanctioned, non-organized, non-event drive in the gorgeous mountains above Malibu. I’d just put the car back together after a reasonable extensive going over, (which I need to chronicle here) and I’m pleased to report that things went pretty well. we had some issues early with a blown fuse, and then the fuel pressure regulator was restricting fuel, causing some sputtering, but once these little things were sorted, the car ran strong. It was a pretty spirited drive, up and down some VERY steep and challenging roads. Good times.


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  1. -Nate says:

    Nice ! sorry I missed it this time out .


  2. Thought you might find this post on my own blog interesting – I link to yours from it:

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