Paramount Raceway Footage -1956

My car would have been brand new, and still in Germany, at the time this footage was shot.  But it was filmed not far from where I live, on a famous southern California racetrack.

From the Vimeo Description:

This footage is from the August 1956 running of the Paramount Ranch Road Races. The property is now most famous as the location for many Westerns shot by Paramount in the mid 20th Century. For sportscar fans, though, Paramount Ranch will always be remembered as one of the most dangerous and challenging racecourses in Southern California. This race shows many of the different race groups from the weekend, including such drivers as Richie Ginther, Lance Reventlow, and Jack McAfee in Porsche Spyders, Lotus 11s, Ferrari Monzas, and some well-known West Coast specials.

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I see a lot of cool cars in the video. Gullwing Mercedes, Porsche 550, Jaguars, MGs and several I can’t identify. It’d be cool to have a listing of the full field. That’s an MGA at about 1:05…Neat. Funny to think that many of the cars in the video would be hundreds or millions of dollars today, but that an MGA can still be bought, owned, and enjoyed by those of us of much more modest means! Good stuff.

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