My wife’s blurb about the MG

written by Kim (the understanding wife) -


Geoff and I took the MG out today for a number of errands and fun stops like lunch and the movies. I have to admit, when he asked what car we were going to take before we left the house, and suggested we take the MG since the skies were clear and blue, a small part of me thought ‘Oh no, it’s going to be too cold, windy, and sunny.’  Don’t get me wrong, I love being outside, but I pack my down jacket with me to the freezer aisle of a grocery store and I’m anything but a sunbather.  I have to say though, there’s something about Geoff’s grin in the MG that’s a little contagious. Or maybe it’s the little red sportscar itself, that makes even dropping off mail at the drop box a little more fun, a little more of a journey.  There seemed to be no better way to enjoy leisurely stops around town on a crisp, sunny, Southern California February day. So, with a warm winter beanie and a down jacket, the weather was just right. And in the sun, it was downright warm.  We’ve taken it out before, and I’ve always enjoyed the ride, but today was perhaps one of the more numerous jaunts around town.  Every time we parked it somewhere, and left it to get a haircut, or buy a snack, we’d come back and my heart would jump a little as we rounded the corner back to the curb or parking lot.  “Um, where’s the MG?” we’d say to each other on more than one occasion in as calm a voice as we could muster.  In the pit of my stomach, I was worried someone had walked off with it, like it was an unlocked bike that could be scooped up off the ground by two burly men and an extra U-Haul.  But, no, it was really just parked behind a Corolla that looked gigantic in comparison so we couldn’t see it. “Ahh, oh there it is.” And all was well again.



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