Long drives and exploding parts – The fix

Back story

After getting some good advice online, I bought a new ignition coil, and determined the oil in the engine bay was from the coil (whew, one problem to fix, not 2!), not the engine. I installed, but the engine wouldn’t start, and the distributor was smoking. DAMN. i’d wired it up backwards, and fried the Petronix ignition system. order a new part, and hope it comes in.

it didn’t show up in time (and once it did, was the wrong part), bummer. I wanted to go for the Memorial Day drive, and Stewart from the forum volunteered to come over and help me get rolling. We made a few stumbles, but ended up getting the car going by taking out the electronic ignition system and putting in points and a condenser. We set the timing, and I was rolling. Woohoo! Driving monday. I learned a lot, and a debt of gratitude to Stewart for his help.

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