Temperature Gauge

Since owning my car, the temperature gauge has never worked. This worried me, especially since MGA’s are known to run hot, and summer was fast approaching. I was planning on taking my gauge out and sending it to be rebuilt, but had been putting it off, since it would mean I couldn’t drive my car until I got the rebuilt gauge returned. Since I drive the car once a week or so, I didn’t really want the downtime, so when I saw a rebuilt gauge on the trader section of, in working condition for less than the cost of a rebuild, I jumped. It showed up, and looked in fine shape, so I set about replacing mine.

Of course, nothing on the MGA is easy, and when I tried to removed the temperature plug end from the engine block, it promptly broke. This meant I had to remove the thermostat, and tap the plug out from that side. From there, it was pretty straightforward to install, though threading the semi-flexible metal tube under the dash, through the firewall, and to the block was a little interesting. Plugged everything in, and presto, working temp gauge!

Since I had the radiator drained, I installed a radiator shroud, to hopefully control the airflow, and help the engine run cool as summer approaches. It’s one of the only plastic parts on my MGA, but it doesn’t look too out of place. Unfortunately, since the gauge didn’t work before, I don’t have a baseline to judge how much of an improvement it makes, but it was relatively simple to fit and doesn’t weigh much, and it certainly makes sense that it would help.

It was a good evening in the garage, and one that left me feeling accomplished, not frustrated…So that was good.

These days, it’s pretty rare that I attempt anything without reading up on the subject on the site He’s got pages and pages, literally hundreds of pages, and it can occasionally be tough to find the information you’re looking for, but odds are it’s there. Seriously an indispensable site, I’ve learned a ton from it. Here’s an article on the cooling system I learned a lot from

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